Additional Driver

800 ISK

Each additional driver costs 800isk per day.

Additional Driver

2.000 ISK

An additional driver costs 2.000isk per day

GPS Navigation

1.500 ISK

Do not get lost on your trip around Iceland. One of the most important devices you can get is a GPS Navigation system that helps you to get around Iceland without any problems. You save both time and effort. 

Price is charged per day.

Unlimited 4G WiFi

2.000 ISK

Want to share with your friends and family adventures in Iceland or just want to get online and watch what's happening home? We offer a 4G internet box that you can use widely in Iceland for only 2000 isk per day.

Baby/Child Seat

800 ISK

The most precious thing we have is our children, to ensure their safety, you can choose the child seat that suits your child best.

We do offer variable seats for ages 1-5 years old, so please comment the age/weight you might need in the booking process.

Price is charged per day.

Table & Chair / Camping Set

4.500 ISK

In case you need, we do offer a set of tables and chair with our camper car.

Price is a flat one-time fee.

Bed Linen

4.900 ISK

One thing we don't want to drag along in our suitcase is our bed linen. So when you're staying in one of our motorhomes, you can rent bed linen for you and your fellow travellers.

The bed linen package consists of a covered pillow, a covered douvet and a single sheet for your bed. Your bed linen is delivered to you in a sealed plastic bag from our dry cleaners.

The fee is a flat fee per person for each rental.