Charging cable

10 EUR

Extra Driver

12 EUR

Road Tax


Included in the rental price are unlimited kilometers but Geysir must charge a road tax on all electric- and hybrid vehicles on behalf of the government. See more in our Useful info. 


10 EUR

The Ultimate Camping pack

130 EUR

 Our camping pack includes of BBQ grill, comfy camping table, chairs for all passengers, a Bluetooth speaker, and a cooler box.

Balancing Wedges

20 EUR

Level out your motorhome or campervan at a bumpy campsite with the easy to use Balancing Wedges. 

GPS Navigation

10 EUR

Studded winter tires


Baby seat (9 - 18kg.)


Booster baby seat


Kitchen Kit


No need for plastic forks, knifes etc. We supply you with all the essential kitchen utensils you need, including cutlery, glasses, plates and bowls, pots and pans and more. 

12v Power Inverter

10 EUR

Convert the regular 12v socket to plug in your 220v electric devices up to 150W

Cleaning kit


The cleaning kit gives you all that you need for keeping your motorhome tidy and nice during your trip in iceland. You get 5 porta pak tablets for the toilet, a dishwasing liquid, dishwashing brush, a broom and a shovel and at last but not least a rag and dish towel. All that you need for a clean trip around the Island. 

Extra propane gas tank

90 EUR

One 10kg tank of propane is included in your rental. Buy the second tank of gas with us to save you the hassle of getting a refill during your trip around Iceland.

Tent for two

20 EUR

Tent camping in Iceland can be an amazing experience. We save you the hassle of bringing your own tent so you can rent one from us. Our tents are for two persons only. 

Mountain Bike

20 EUR

A bike is a great way to get around in Iceland. Simply park your Motorhome and bike around town. 

Young driver fee

20 EUR

Young driver fee is applied if the driver of luxury car / passenger van / motorhome is between 20-24 years old.