Our Insurances

(CDW) Collision Damage Waiver


CDW covers damages to the rental vehicle with excess amount for 350.000 ISK

But no insurance covers river crossings or damages to the underside of the car.

Insurance Bundle

Insurance Bundle includes:

SCDW, GP, TP, SAAP and front window

The excess is ISK 45.000 on normal family cars and ISK 60.000 on 4x4 cars and campers

Zero Excess insurance

Zero Excess insurance includes

The Zero Excess is our most premium insurance option that brings your excess self-risk down to ZERO in case of collision, gravel or sand/ash damage. It includes all our insurance options(SCDW, GP, SAAP) on a discounted rate.

(SCDW) Super Collision Damage Waiver

SCDW covers:

SCDW lowers the regular CDW excess of your rental from the normal ISK 350.000 down to ISK 45.000 on normal family cars and ISK 60.000 on 4x4 and campers.

No insurance covers damages to the underside of the car or river crossing.

(SAAP) Sand / Ash Protection

SAAP insurance includes:

For our customer’s protection, we have decided to offer an insurance which covers our customers against damages due to ash/sandstorm damaging the paint of the car, windows, lights and plastic.

No insurance company in Iceland covers damages from sand/ash. These damages can cost between 500.000 to 1.500.000 ISK to fix.

By purchasing the SAAP you extend the CDW (or SCDW if purchased) to also cover Sand and ash storm damages. Excess is ISK 350.000 or if the SCDW is also included ISK 45.000/60.000

(GP) Gravel Protection

Gravel Protection insurance covers:

Gravel protection (GP) covers damages to wind screen, headlights and the car when gravel or rocks get thrown at the vehicle by another car. Self risk ISK 0.

(TP) Theft Protection


Excess 350.000 ISK

is included for all cars